Poster sessions

Guidelines for poster presenters

Poster Session Location
Posters will be displayed on the mezzanine outside the Grand and Teton rooms where the oral presentations and exhibitor displays are located. Half of the posters will be displayed on easel/flip-charts along the balcony railing, and half will be attached to the facing wall (see conference staff for tape to attach posters).

Poster Display
We ask poster presenters to print their posters in a single-page format with 36" x 48" dimensions in either landscape or portrait orientations. We strongly recommend presenting a single page poster rather than mosaics of multiple letter-size pages. If you are not able to print a single page poster, please inform us at before Friday October 5, 2017 so we can make plans to accommodate your display.

Language should be simple and descriptions brief. Jargon should be avoided. Necessary technical terms should be defined. Spelling and grammar must be correct. All text should be large enough to be read from a distance of 4 to 6 feet. Photographs, drawings, charts, tables, or graphs should be simple, well-organized, and carefully chosen to quickly explain complicated technical concepts to a wide audience.

The purpose of an exhibit is to convey to a wide audience a research project's significance to scholars in the field and its potential significance to the general public. The exhibit should testify to the careful design and execution of the research and present clear findings that are well interpreted. It must include:

Each presenter should have prepared an oral discussion of his or her exhibit. This discussion must not exceed 5 minutes. The oral presentation should be clear and concise, and should include the major points presented on the poster. If the presenter worked with collaborators on the project, this presentation should clearly describe the presenter's role in the overall project.


At UFO 2017, we will recognize one high quality poster presentation with the OSA Outstanding Presentation Award along with monetary prize.

Poster Pre-review
If you would like a pre-review of your poster for clarity, please send a PDF of your poster to by Friday October 5, 2017.