Sponsors and Exhibitors

UFO has always had outstanding support from businesses that serve the ultrafast community. A big thanks to all of our sponsors!

If you are interested in sponsoring UFO, please contact us by email, or go directly to our sponsor registration site.

Stanford PULSE Institute logo
Stanford PULSE Institute

The Stanford PULSE Institute is a Stanford independent laboratory as well as a research center within the Science Directorate of SLAC, with a mission to advance the frontiers of ultrafast science.

Coherent Inc. logo
Coherent Inc.

Coherent brings you the Industrial Revolution in Ultrafast Science – A superior way to design and build ultrafast lasers.

Fastlite logo

Fastlite has maintained continuous R&D efforts leading to the invention of landmark technologies for ultrafast studies, and is today a world leader in ultrafast pulse shaping and characterization.

Alpine Research Optics logo
Alpine Research Optics

Alpine Research Optics stands out among its peers in the precision optics field for its leading edge capabilities in the coating and fabrication of laser optical components.

Altos Photonics & Light Conversion USA logo
Altos Photonics & Light Conversion USA

We are the world leading manufacturer of wavelength tunable femtosecond laser sources based on TOPAS and ORPHEUS series of optical parametric amplifiers (OPA) as well as diode pumped solid state femtosecond lasers PHAROS and CARBIDE.

Northrop-Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics logo
Northrop-Grumman Cutting Edge Optronics

Cutting Edge Optronics is a leading supplier of state-of-the-art laser diode arrays and laser system hardware.

Amplitude Laser Group logo
Amplitude Laser Group

Amplitude Laser Group is a leading manufacturer of ultrafast lasers for scientific, medical and industrial applications. The group consists of three manufacturing location in Bordeaux and Paris, France, and San Jose, U.S.A., and an extensive network of support offices in Europe, Asia and North America.

Thorlabs, Inc. logo
Thorlabs, Inc.

Your Source for Fiber Optics, Laser Diodes, Optical Instrumentation and Polarization Measurement & Control

Toptica Photonics logo
Toptica Photonics

TOPTICA's portfolio of high-end laser systems includes diode lasers, ultrafast fiber lasers, terahertz systems and frequency combs. TOPTICA is renowned for providing the widest wavelength coverage of diode lasers on the market, providing high-power lasers even at exotic wavelengths.

AdvR logo

AdvR is a recognized leader in the engineering of nonlinear optical structures for a host of photonic devices and applications.

few-cycle Inc. logo
few-cycle Inc.

few-cycle Inc. is a young Canadian spin-off company developing optical technologies for ultrafast laser science.

KMLabs logo

KMLabs delivers record performance ultrafast fiber, Ti:sapphire, and EUV systems that are designed and engineered for each application.

APE Berlin logo
APE Berlin

APE is a worldwide leading supplier in the field of ultrashort laser pulse diagnostic and tunable wavelength conversion.

TRUMPF Scientific Laser logo
TRUMPF Scientific Laser

TRUMPF Scientific Lasers develops picosecond and femtosecond lasers with the highest powers and energy based on the TRUMPF disk laser technology.

Ultrafast Innovations logo
Ultrafast Innovations

UltraFast Innovations is a premium manufacturer of custom-made optics.

Liquid Instruments logo
Liquid Instruments

Moku:Lab by Liquid Instruments: replace multiple pieces of equipment with a single device at a fraction of the cost.

Phasics logo

Phasics offers a full range of measurement and imaging solutions based on an innovative high resolution wavefront sensing technology. They address the needs of laser engineers, lens manufacturers and cell biologists.

GT Crystal Systems, LLC logo
GT Crystal Systems, LLC

HEM® Ti:Sapphire crystals produced for the requirements of your unique laser architecture.

Swamp Optics logo
Swamp Optics

Swamp Optics offers recently invented innovative and cost-effective devices for measuring (and compressing) ultrashort laser pulses. We specialize in frequency-resolved optical gating (FROG), the most robust and reliable method for measuring the time-dependent intensity and phase of an ultrashort pulse.

Lattice Electro Optics logo
Lattice Electro Optics

It is our motto that attention to the detail is critical in assuring quality products, crafted with precision to match your specifications in timely manner. Quality products. Quick turnaround of the most demanding coatings in a day . Quantity production for OEM.

Imagine Optic logo
Imagine Optic

Wavefront sensors and adaptive optics for optical metrology, lasers and microscopy.

Class 5 Photonics logo
Class 5 Photonics

We develop powerful femtosecond laser systems based on OPCPA.

ActiveFiber Systems logo
ActiveFiber Systems

The mission of Active Fiber Systems GmbH (AFS) is to transfer experimental results to reliable laser systems suitable for scientific and industrial applications. Among the remarkable features of AFS's pulsed fiber lasers are their compact dimensions, considerably reduced production costs as well as flexible and outstanding laser parameters, which can be customized.

Cycle GmbH logo
Cycle GmbH

Cycle GmbH was founded with the mission of building innovative ultrafast technology for science and industry applications. We are producing world-leading timing equipment that synchronizes RF and optical equipment to each other with sub-femtosecond resolution.

Electro-Optics Technology, Inc. logo
Electro-Optics Technology, Inc.

Current products include Faraday rotators and optical isolators for use with laser diodes, fiber lasers, solid-state lasers, and QCLs. We also stock a complete line of photodetectors used to monitor the output of pulsed, mode-locked, and externally-modulated CW lasers.

National Energetics logo
National Energetics

National Energetics is the leading innovator of high-energy and ultra-intense lasers and laser systems. We provide reliable, high performance solutions utilizing novel technologies that surpass traditional platforms and deliver what you need for your success.

Mesa Photonics logo
Mesa Photonics

Mesa Photonics is the leader in ultrafast laser pulse measurement. Our FROGscan systems are accurate, precise, real-time, automated, comprehensive pulse measurement systems. A single system can measure pulses from 5 fs – 30 ps. Through field reconfiguration, they can measure pulses from 450 nm - > 4000 nm making FROGscan the best value.

Cristal Laser logo
Cristal Laser

Cristal Laser S.A. specializes in crystal growth, manufacturing and distribution for a wide range of laser, semiconductor, military, space and fiber optics applications.

Menlo Systems logo
Menlo Systems

Menlo Systems, the market leader in the field of high-precision measurement technology is widely known for the Nobel Prize winning frequency comb technology. Besides frequency comb products, Menlo Systems specializes in ultrafast lasers for numerous applications including material processing, synchronization and Timing as well as in terahertz systems for material research and quality control.

Sphere Optics logo
Sphere Optics

Sphere Ultrafast Photonics offers completely new devices based on the dispersion scan (d-scan) exclusive patented technology to enable fast and easy control (measurement and compression) of even the most demanding ultrashort light pulses worldwide. Sphere´s team is devoted to world-class ultrafast pulsed laser solutions, providing its customers with products that highly improve the performance of femtosecond laser applications.

Inrad Optics logo
Inrad Optics

Inrad Optics Inc. is a vertically-integrated photonics manufacturer of components and value-added photonic devices that are used in a wide variety of defense, aerospace, laser, medical, process control and metrology applications. Products include: • Crystal-based optical components and devices • Custom optical components from both glass and metal • Precision optical and opto-mechanical assemblies

Dausinger Giesen GmbH logo
Dausinger Giesen GmbH

D+G supports research groups and laser manufacturers by supplying the key components, such as contacted laser disks and disk modules for pump powers ranging from several Watts up to 30 kW, as well as sophisticated laser systems like a regenerative amplifier femtosecond system.

ARDOP Optics and Optoelectronics logo
ARDOP Optics and Optoelectronics

Optical components, from large optics, modulators and gratings to beam transport line up to 1PW.

Thales logo

Thales is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of nanosecond lasers and high intensity, ultra-short Ti:Sa laser systems. For more than 30 years Thales has been driving innovative solutions through a large patents portfolio and scientific collaborations so as to provide the most reliable and easy-to-use systems for scientific and industrial applications.