Topics & Speakers


We are still adding speakers to the program; check back for updates.

Christopher Barty - Nuclear Photonics with Ultrabright Lasers and Gamma Beams
Jens Biegert - Picometer and attosecond resolution measurements from mid-IR driven electron recollision
Zhenghu Chang - MIR driven attosecond sources and other new developments in attosecond research
Ursula Keller - Dual-comb spectroscopy with one unstabilized semiconductor laser
Ian Walmsley - SPIDER, 20 years of arachnophilia


Andy Kung - Intense single-cycle optical pulses made easy
Brendan Reagan - Progress in the development of high average power, high energy short pulse lasers
Carlos Hernandez-Garcia - Generation of EUV singular beams: vector and vortex beams
Chang-Hee Nam - Development of a 20 fs, 4 PW laser and exploration of superintense laser-matter interactions
Chris Xu - Applications of ultrafast laser for biomedical imaging
Christoph Hauri - Intense THz generation and nonlinear THz applications
Clara Saraceno - Modelocked thin-disk lasers: towards kilowatt-class ultrafast oscillators
Constantin Häfner - Kilowatt-Class, Application-Enabling Petawatt Laser Technology
Daniele Brida - Ultrabroadband Fiber Lasers and Applications in Subcycle Quantum Physics
Eiji Takahashi - High-energy infrared femtosecond pulse for attosecond sciences
Frank Wise - Ultrashort Pulse Generation in Multimode Fibers
Franz Kaertner - Sub-femtosecond large-scale long-term stable pulsed optical timing distribution
Hanieh Fattahi - Generation of high-energy, sub-cycle pulses at PHz frequency
Igor Jovanovic - Parametric Generation of Ultrafast Pulses from Mid-Infrared to Long-Wave Infrared Range
Ingmar Hartl - Ultrafast laser development driven by accelerator and x-ray FEL research
Maurizio Reduzzi - Vectorial reconstruction of NIR-VIS optical fields by XUV interferometry
Michael Kruger - Attosecond photoionization self-probing spectroscopy
Nicolas Forget - Multi-W, 100-kHz, few-cycle mid-infrared source with record single-shot carrier-envelope phase noise
Sterling Backus - Direct Diode Pumed Ti:Sapphire (DDPTS) Ultrafast Lasers: The Next Ultrafast Revolution
Thomas Südmeyer - Compact megahertz repetition rate coherent XUV light source based on HHG inside a modelocked thin-disk laser